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Beijing Food
Beijing Duck Restaurants, Imperial Cuisine, Beijing cuisine restaurants, Beijing Snacks, Regional Cuisine, Vegetarian, Hotpot, Cafes & Teahouse, Foreign Food Restaurants.

Beijing Transportation
Flight, Train, Public Bus, Subway & Light Rail, Taxi, Pedicab, Bike. Beijing is a hub of communications with roads, highways, railroads and flights linking all parts of China.

Beijing Entertainment
Evening shows and Nightlife, Sports and Recreation, Health & Beauty. Beijing is an international city with a quite number of entertainment options available.

Beijing Community
Travel Forum, Travel Reviews, Travel Blog, Journal, Video, Travelogue, Photo Album. Exchange travel information, advice, hints and tips. Get help, get connected, get inspired.
Beijing Facts
Visa, Entry and Exit, Money, Weather & Time, Religion, Arts & Culture, Learn Chinese, Exhibitions and Trade Shows, Health & Families, Government Agencies, Foreign Embassies.

Beijing Hotels
Hostels, Hotels, Homestay, Courtyard Hotels, Resorts, Serviced Apartment. Choosing the correct hotel can set the tone for your successful trip. Have a nice stay in Beijing!

Beijing Tourism
General Information, Attractions, Museums, Great Wall, Excursions. Beijing is one of the most visited cities in the world. There are hundreds of attractions to explore!

Beijing Shopping
Wangfujing Street, Dashilan and Qianmen Street, Silk Market, Hongqiao Market, Panjiayuan Market, Beijing Curio City, Liulichang Antiques Street, Yashow Clothing Market.
Beijing Package TourKing Wu was the first to declare Beijing the capital city in 1057 BC. Subsequently, the city has gone by the names of Ji, Zhongdu, Dadu, and finally Beijing when the Ming Dynasty Emperor ChengZu chose the name in 1421. Before 1949, Beijing was known as Peking by the Western world. After 1949, the city's name returned to Beijing, as it is known today. Since the early 1980s when China initiated economic and market reforms under the late Deng Xiaoping, Beijing has become a truly modern, international city.

Beijing City is an independently administered municipal district. She is situated in the northeastern part of China at an elevation of 43.5m above sea level. The climate in Beijing is of the continental type, with cold and dry winters and hot summers. January is the coldest month (-4 Celsius), while July the warmest (26 Celsius).

Beijing has a whole area of 16808 sq km (about 6500 sq mi), stretching 160 kilometres from east to west and over 180 kilometres north to south. 38% of it is flat land and 62% mountains. She has 16 districts and 2 counties with Dongcheng, Xicheng, Xuanwu, Chongwen, Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai and Shijingshan in or close to the Beijing city proper and Fangshan, Mengtougou, Changping, Tongxian, Shunyi, Daxing, Huairou, Miyun, Pinggu and Yianqing in the outer suburbs. Population in Beijing is about 17 million.

General Information
Beijing Guide. Beijing Facts. Information About Beijing. Beijing Life. Beijing Salaries. Beijing Weather and Time. Public Holidays in Beijing. Beijing Map. Geography of Beijing. Beijing Basics. Beijing Overview. China Electrical Outlets. Beijing voltage. Plugs in Beijing. About Beijing. Living in Beijing. Power adaptor beijing china. Beijing Phone Numbers.
Visa, Entry and Exit
How to get a China Visa. Beijing Visa office. Beijing Entry and Exit. Beijing Customs. Visa Application. Visa Requiremets.
Beijing Maps
Beijing Map. Beijing Road Map. Beijing City Center Map. Beijing Metro Map. Beijing Old Map. Beijing Online Map.
Chinese Paper Currency. Currency Converter. Money Tips. Banks. Credit Cards. ATMs. Exchange Rate.
Beijing Weather & Time
Current Local Time in Beijing. Beijing Weather. Beijing Climate. Beijing Winter. Weather in Bejing January. Beijing Temperature Now
Churches in Beijing. Beijing Religion. Niujie Mosque. Cathedral. Catholic Church. Religious Organizations.
Arts & Culture
Beijing Arts and Culture. Laoshe Teahouse. The 798 Art District. All theater listings. Directory Listings for Cinemas. Peking Opera Songzhuang Artist Village. Caochangdi.
Beijing China Media
Beijing Daily News. Beijing Travel News. Beijing China News.
Education & Training
Beijing High Education. Beijing Foreign Studies University. Beijing High Institutes of Learning. Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese Mandarin. Learn Chinese Characters. Learn Chinese Phrases. Mandarin School in Beijing. Learn Chinese.
Teaching Jobs in Beijing. Find a job in Beijing. Professional jobs in Beijing
Beijing Business Services. Beijing Business. Beijing Expat Life. Work in Beijing. Housing. Beijing Investment.
Exhibitions and Trade Shows
Bejing China Current Events. Beijing trade shows. Beijing Fairs. Beijing Exhibitions. Beijing Conferences. Trade Shows in Beijing.
Health & Families
Beijing Expat Life. Hospitals. Medical Services. Ayi Housekeeping Service. International School. Parents & Kinds. House Rental and Buying. Children Education.
Government Agencies
Beijing Customs. Education Commission. Taxation Bureau. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. Beijing Industry & Commerce Administrtion. Tourism Administration.
International Organizations
UNESCO Office Beijing. The American Chamber of Commerce. Canada China Business Council. China-Australia Chamber of Commerce. European Union Chamber of Commerce. French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China. German Industry and Commerce Beijing.
Foreign Embassies
Beijing Foreign Embassies. U.S.Embassy Beijing Office. British Embassy. Embassy of India. Canadian Emebssy.
Law and Law Offices
Law Firms in Beijing. Beijing Arbitration Commission. Attorney and Lawyer. Find a Lawyer, Law Firm., Advocate, Attorney, Solicitor.
Beijing Publications. Beijing English Publications. Life Magazine. City Weekend Beijing. Beijing Review. Beijing This Month.
Classifieds in Beijing
Beijing Free Classifieds for Jobs, Apartments, Personals, for Sale. Beijing Classifieds for Expats and Internationals

General Information
Hotel Map Beijing. Book a Hotel in Beijing. Beijing Hotel Reviews and Comparison. Discount Rates Hotels in Beijing.
Beijing International Youth Hostel. Downtown Backpackers Beijing. Beijing Leo Hostel. Beijing Far East Youth Hostel
Courtyard Hotels
Beijing Courtyard Hotels. Red Capital Residence. Shijia House.Bamboo Garden Hotel.Haoyuan Hotel.
Comfortable Hotels
Holiday Inn Express Temple of Heaven. Novotel Hotels Beijing. Courtyard by Marriott Beijin. Days Inn.Jianguo Hotel.
Luxury Hotels
The Peninsula Beijing. Crowne Plaza Beijing. The Regent Beijing. The Ritz-Carlton. The Westin Beijing. InterContinental Beijing. Grand Hyatt. Hilton Beijing.
Budget Hotels
Huguosi Hotel.Beijing Camphor Garden Hotel.Beijing Botai Hotel. Beijing Cheap Hotels.
Jiuhua Spa Resort
Serviced Apartments
Ascott Beijing. Lee Garden Service Apartment Beijing. Jinqiao International Apartment Hotel.
Beijing Homestay Agency. Homestay in Beijing. Beijing Homestay Review.

General Information
Beijing Tourism. Beijing Tourist Information Center. Beijing Tourist. Beijing Tourist Information. Beijing Tour. Largest Travel Agencies Beijing. Beijing Travel Service. Beijing Travel. Beijing Tourist Guide. Beijing Tourist Map. Beijing Travel Tips. Beijing Tourism Bureau. Beijing Travel Agencies.
Beijing Attractions. Beijing Sites. Tourist Sites in Beijing. Beijing Amusement Parks. Beijing Olympic Attractions Famous Beijing Places.
Beijing Museums. Beijing Museum Guide. Beijing Museum Tour. Capital Museum. Beijing's Museums & Galleries.
Great Wall
Beijing Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall. Juyongguan Great Wall. Mutianyu Great Wall. Jinshanling Great Wall. Simatai Great Wall.
Beijing Suburbs Tourism. Chuandixia Village. China North International Shooting Range. Beijing Weekend Trips.

General Information
Beijing Shopping Guide. Beijing Shopping Information. Beijing Markets. Beijing Shopping Malls. Beijing Boutiques. Beijing Shopping Places. Shopping tips for Beijing. Beijing Shopping Reviews. Best Places to Shop in Beijing
Wangfujing Street
Beijing Wangfujing Street. Wangfujing Snack Street. Wangfujing Shopping and Food Street
Dashilan and Qianmen Street
Qianmen Market Street and Dashilan. The Qianmen Gate.Zhengyan Gate. Dashilan commercial street.
Silk Market
The Silk Street. Xiushui Market. Silk Market Reviews
Hongqiao Market
Beijing Hongqiao Market. Beijing Hongqiao Pearl Market. Red Bridge Market. Shopping Tips, Reviews and Photos for Hongqiao Market.
Panjiayuan Market
Panjiayuan Antiques Market. Panjiayuan Flea Market. Dirt Market.
Beijing Curio City
Beijing Antique City. Marketplace for Antique Lovers. Liulichang Street Blog.
Liulichang Antiques Street
Liulichang Antiques Street.
Yashow Clothing Market
Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market. Beijing Yashow Market Guide.
Maliandao Tea Street
Beijing Tea Shop on Maliandao Street in Beijing. Beijing Maliandao Cha Ye Cheng.
Xidan Shopping Area
Shopping tips, reviews and photos for Xidan Beijing
Department Stores and Malls
Lufthansa Center. Beijing Department Store. Oriental Plaza. Friendship Store. Beijing Bookstores.

General Informatiom
Beijing Food Costs. Beijing Food. Beijing cuisine. Beijing Dining. Beijing Restaurant Tips. Addresses, Descriptions, and Reviews of Local Restaurants.
Beijing Duck Restaurants
Beijing Duck. Beijing Duck Restaurants. Quanjude Duck Restaurant. Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant. Ya Wang Roast Duck Restaurant.
Imperial Cuisine
Chinese Imperial Cuisine. Ting Liguan Imperial Cuisine. The Fangshan Restaurant. Li Family Restaurant.
Beijing Cuisine Restaurants
Beijing Local Food. Beijing Local Restaurants. Kao Rou Ji. Beijing Food Restaurants
Beijing Snacks
Huguosi Snacks Restaurant. Snack Food Streets in Beijing. Food streets in Beijing. Dong Hua Men Night Market.
Regional Cuisine
Eight main Regional Cuisines. Taipei's most Famous Restaurants. Xinjiang Food Restaurants. Beijing Local Food.
Vegetarian Restaurants in Beijing. Pure Lotus. Where to Eat Vegetarian Food in Beijing. Best Vegetarian Restaurants Beijing.
Where to Eat Hot Pot in Beijing. Mongolian Hot Pot. Beijing Hot Pot. Mongolian-style Mutton Hot Pot
Cafes & Teahouse
Laoshe Teahouse. Tianqiao Happy Tea House. Cafe Guide Beijing.
Foreign Food Restaurants
American Food. French Food. German Food. Japanese Food. Thai Restaurants in Beijing. Indian Restaurants in China. Italian Restaurants in Beijing. Russian Restaurants in Beijing.

General Information
Transportation in Beijing. Beijing Airport. Terminal No. 01, No.02, No. 03 of Beijing Airport. Beijing Airport Transfer. Drive in Beijing. Beijing's Ring Roads. How to Get to Xian from Beijing.
Flight Beijing to Xian. Flight from Shanghai to Beijing. Major International Flights to Beijing. Beijing Air Fares. Beijing Shuttle Bus Beijing Airport Pickup Service. Beijing China Air Ticket Service. Flight from Beijing to Hong Kong
Beijing Domestic & International Airlines Information. Air China. China Southern Airlines. China Eastern Airlines. Dragon Air.
Overnight Train Beijing to Xian. Train from Beijing to Shanghai. Beijing's Train and Subway Systems. Beijing Railway Station. Beijing West Railway Station. China Train Tickets. China Train Timetable.
Public Bus
Visit the Great Wall by taking Beijing Public Bus. Beijing Public Bus. Beijing Public Transportation. How to Take Bus in Beijing.
Subway & Light Rail
Beijing Subway. Beijing Tube. Metro Beijing. Beijing Light Rail. Metro Map of Beijing. Beijing Subway Tour. Beijing Subway Times.
Tips for Taking Taxi. Beijing Cabs. How to Get a Taxi in Beijing. Car Rental with Driver. Car Hire in Beijing.
Beijing Bike. Beijing Bicycle. Tips for Riding a Bike. Riding Scooter in Beijing. Beijing Bike Tour.
Beijing Rickshaw. Beijing Pedicabs. Beijing Rickshaw Ride. Beijing Hutong Tours. Beijing Pedicab Photos.
Beijing Cruising. Beijing Boating. Changhe River. Shichahai Lake. Kunming Lake in Summer Palace.
How to Take a Walking Tour in Beijing. Walking Around Beijing. Old Beijing Walking Tour.

General Information
Nightlife in Beijing. Beijing Entertainment. Beijing Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews. Beijing Evening Activities. Beijing Lightlife Guide.
Evening shows and Nightlife
Acrobatic Show in Beijing. Beijing Opera Tickets. Directory Listings for Bars and Clubs. Wangfujing. Hard Rock Cafe.
Sports and Recreation
Skiing in Beijing. Beijing Ski. Beijing Target Shooting. Sports in Beijing . Amusement Parks in Beijing.
Health & Beauty
Massage Beijing.Indoor sports and fitness in Beijing. Beauty, spa, massage, fitness in Beijing. Beijing Health & Beauty Listings.

Travel Forum, Travel Reviews
Beijing Travel Forum. Beijing Travel Reviews. Beijing Travel Community. Beijing Expat Forums. Beijing travel Tips. Beijing Forum Discussions.
Travel Blog
Beijing Travel Blogs. Beijing Articles. Beijing in Life. Blogs about Beijing.
Journal, Travelogue
Beijing Trip. Journey to Beijing. Beijing Travelogue. Beijing Journal. My Trip to Beijing.
Photo Album
Beijing Photos. Beijing Pictures. Beijing Album. Beijing Through Digital Photos. Pictures from Beijing.
Beijing Travel Video. Beijing Tourism Video. Beijing Review. Beijing Travel Deals Video.

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