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Formerly known in English as Peking, Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China. It is one of the four municipalities under the jurisdiction of the central government in China. Beijing is one of the six ancient cities in China. Beijing borders Hebei Province to its three sides - the north, west and south. To the southeast it borders Tianjin Municipality. Beijing is the second largest city in China just behind Shanghai. Beijing is recognised as the political, educational, and cultural center of the People's Republic of China. More than 140 foreign embassies are located. It is also an international exchange center.

General Information
Beijing Vacation PackagesChina Facts
Learn some basic knowledge about Beijing China - its arts, culture, folklore, history, geography, tourism...
Useful Telephone Numbers Beijing
Commonly-Used Hotline Telephone Directory & Commonly-Used Telephone Directory Beijing.
Telephone and Postal Codes
offered by China.org.cn.
from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Beijing is China's second largest city, after Shanghai.
Beijing dialect
the dialect of Mandarin spoken in the urban area of Beijing by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing's History
Some half a million years ago, Peking man lived in Zhoukoudian, in the southwestern suburbs of Beijing.
Chinese Dynasties
Timeline of Chinese Imperial and Modern Dynasties.
Map of Chinese Dynasties
Traces the history of China from ancient times through the end of the Qing dynasty.
Beijing's population exceeds 17 million
Beijing is bulging as its population has exceeded 17 million.
Chinaculture.org offers broad access to up-to-date cultural news about China with a wealth of information about . Chinese history, culture, politics and the economy.
Beijing Facts
Beijing is the center of the nation's politics, culture and international exchanges and a moden metropolis full of vitality.
Geography of Beijing
The geography of Beijing is characterized by flat land, except for hills that dominate in the north, northwest and west of Beijing. Beijing is a beautiful city in the northern part of China.
Perspectives from Beijing
The conversations I had with Beijing residents and experts on the city's past - Eti Bonn-Muller.
Beijing Basics
general information about Beijing provided by Beijing This Month
Beijing China Holidays
detailed information on Beijing China Holidays provided by a local tour operator.
The Glossary of Chinese Customs and Traditions
Deities, Emperors, Ghosts, Fire Horses and Dragons, Chinese history and legends.
Etiquette & Behavior
It is advisable to gather an exhaustive pool of information on the etiquette & behavior before your travel.
Beijing Guide
a good guide to the resourceful directory of Beijing from a local tour operator.
Beijing Health Information
It is advisable to have all the Beijing Health Information details with you.
offered by ESCAP - geography, resources, economy, people's life, education, population situation and trends, family planning programme . and policies, among other interesting facts.Geography.
Marilyn Shea 1996, 1999, 2000, 2002.
Beijing Residents's Income
by Beijing news daily.
Beijing This Month- Postal Service
regular postal services, the International Post.
Beijing Official Website International
eBeijing is the Official English website of Beijing.
Beijing: from Answers.com
Beijing, also Peking (Formerly (1928鈥1949) Peiping. The capital of China, in the northeast part of the country.
SexyBeiJing HomePage
Are arranged marriages still popular in Beijing? Sufei finds out in this episode of Sexy Beijing. This episode is sponsored by TUI.
Books about Beijing
names of the book, prices and order info. (U.S. toll free phone numbers).
Electrical outlets in China
voltage in China is 220V 50 Hz, power sockets available in China are Type A, Type I, and Type C plugs (buy travel power adapters that have these plugs).
Lastest Electrical Outlets
China Electrical Outlets catalog and Electrical Outlets manufacturer directory.
Voltage Supply in China
Voltage Supply in China by China.org.cn.
Beijing Phone Numbers
get a Beijing Local Number which forwards to your phone anywhere in the world.
Directory listings for Volunteer and NGOs
by thebeijiner.com
Directory listings for Community Groups
by thebeijinger.com

Beijing Visa, Entry and Exit
Beijing Visa
Procedures of visa application for traveling to Beijing China, family reunion, business...
Chinese Visa and Visa Application
A Brief Introduction of Chinese Visa and the Procedure for Visa Application.
How to get a China Visa
discussions about the China visa. L ( Tourist ) Visa, F ( Business ) Visa, Extensions of L visa.
Visa Issues
continue to discuss visa queries. China Visa - facts and fiction.
China Customs
Official site. Rules and regulations.
Entry and Exit--English--People's Daily Online
China visa, entry and exit information by People's Daily.

Beijing Tour, Beijing Travel, China Tour
Beijing based China tour operator providing Beijing Tours and China Tours as well per your request!        

Beijing Map
Beijing Maps 
A comprehensive collection of Beijing maps with travel information for > exploring Beijing and the surrounding area.
Beijing free maps 
Free Beijing tourist maps and Beijing guidebooks.
Maps of Beijing
Maps of Beijing. Frommer's Guidebook Maps.
Interactive English map of Beijing tourist attractions
You can zoom, pan and click on attractions in this map.
Beijing Shopping Map
This map shows Beijing inner city shopping districts including major martkets and shopping streets.
Beijing Online Map
attractions listed on the Beijing map.
Beijing Map (.US)
All kinds of Beijing Map including municipality, points of interest.
Old Historic Map of Beijing
Beijing e-map
The official website of the BEIJING 2008 Olympic Games.
Map of Beijing
Map of Beijing and travel information about Beijing brought to you by Lonely Planet.
Beijing Road Map
Free high-quality maps and web atlas by johomaps.
Olympic on Beijing's Axis
online Beijing Map.

Money China
Chinese Paper Currency
Chinese money, Chinese currency, China money, RMB, CNY, renminbi, China bank information.
Currency Converter
China money and Currency Converter. Check the latest RMB conversion rate online by Bank of China.
Money Tips for Expats Living in China
a resourceful article from teachabroadchina.com.
ATMs / Cash Machines
Beijing is a very ATM friendly city. There are many banks with many ATMs.
Beijing: Money
for most destinations it's usually a good idea to exchange at least some money before you leave home.
Industrial and Commmerce Bank of China
the ninth-largest bank in the world and largest in China.

Beijing Weather & Time
Current Local Time in Beijing
All of China has one time zone.
Beijing Climate
Beijing climate information on travel in Beijing.
Weather info. in China
major cities, wind, temp.(high/low) in Fahrenheit.
Beijing Today
from Yahoo! weather, in Celsius ( for conversion, visit Temperature Converter ).
Beijing Climate Center
Welcome to Beijing Climate Center Website
Beijing weather
USA Today 5 day forecast (temp. in degree Fahrenheit with conversion to Celsius).
Beijing, Beijing Forecast : Weather Underground
5-Day Forecast for Beijing.
Intellicast - Beijing Weather Report in China
Beijing weather conditions and forecast.10-day forecast calendar and chart.
Current time in Beijing
Check current time in Beijing, China. Beijing clock on 24timezones.com.
Travel to Beijing in cold winter
I've been to Beijing in the winter months and thought I could offer some advice.

Beijing Religion
Churches in Beijing
Get insider tips on Churches from virtualtourist.com
Beijing International Christian Fellowship
The Beijing International Christian Fellowship is a church of international Christians in Beijing, China.
Beijing Religion
China is a country with religious freedom and respects every religion. Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity are religions found in Beijing.
Beijing : Religion
Beijing (Religion). Frommer's Beijing, 5th Edition.
Beijing This Month- Buddhism
Buddhism is the dominant religious philosophy in China.
Religion Tour in Beijing
provided by Bijing based travel agency.
Niujie Mosque in Beijing
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Dongsi Mosque
the oldest mosque in Beijing City.
Xishiku Cathedral
The Xishiku Cathedral commonly referred to as the Beitang ( the North Cathedral) is a historic Catholic church in Beijing.
East Church or St. Joseph's Cathedral
Located east of central Wangfujing Street, the Catholic East Church, or Wangfujing Catholic Church, is one of the best-preserved religious sites in the heart of Beijing.
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Beijing
by en.wikipedia.org. Also known as Nantang ( the South Cathedral) to the locals, is an historic Roman Catholic Church located in Beijing.
Xizhimen Catholic Church (Western Church)
by china.org. The Western Church, located on the southern side of Xizhimen Neidajie, is the youngest church among the four churches.
Chabad Lubavitch of Beijing China / Jewish China
dedicated to serving all Jews with Ahavat Yisrael regardless of religious background or affiliation.
Kehillat Beijing - Jewish community of Beijing
Kehillat Beijing is entirely dependent on the contributions of our community.
Directory listings for Religious Organizations
by thebeijinger.com

Beijing Arts & Culture
China Art and Culture
official site of China Ministry of Culture.
Art Gallery Directory
by thebeijinger.com.
Beijing Festivals & Events
The city has a rich and ancient culture and therefore is a home to number of festivals and events.
All about Peking Opera
Beijing Opera (or Peking Opera) has existed for over 200 years ...
Beijing Opera Sound files
Listen to clips of Beijing Opera arias ...
Laoshe Teahouse
in Chinese,a unique place in Beijing showing the entertainments of old Beijing people in old times.
Songzhuang Artist Village
In the east suburb of Beijing,there are about 500 artists lived in several villages around SongZhuang, forming the largest art community in the world, which is known as Artist Village.
Beijing Sounds
All sounds are from real events and situations.
Courtyard Gallery Beijing
A private contemporary art gallery representing avant-garde artists.
Beijing arts and culture
Our Mandarin Chinese Program includes core Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) language classes, accommodations, visa, insurance & medical membership.
Welcome to 798 SPACE
Located in Dashanzi Art District (original 798 Factory), the heart of a growing art and culture community in Beijing, 798 Space is the center and the ...
Beijing Cultural Day Tour
offered by tour-beijing travel service.
Beijing arts. on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
beijing arts. by shehab.hamad. caochangdi arts. ... Click this icon to see all public photos and videos tagged with beijing.
An influx of high-profile galleries are turning Caochangdi Village, a quiet, birch- and pine-lined enclave, into an artistic hotbed.
Directory Listings for Cinemas
a list of cinemas in Beijing by thebeijinger.com
All theater listings
by thebeijinger.com
Directory Listings for Concert Halls
a list by thebeijinger.com
Category:Beijing culture
by wikipedia.org
Paper Republic
About Chinese literatures
Chinese Pop Culture
A website documenting Chinese pop culture and contemporary art.

Beijing China Media
Online Radio Am774
www.am774.com is the website of Radio 774 of Radio Beijing Corporation, which is the first English service established by a provincial radio station in China.
Beijing China GlobalTimes
China Newspaper, China English Newspaper.
Beijing News Daily updated
provided by the Official English website of Beijing
Beijing China Travel News
China.org.cn offers broad access to up-to-date news about Beijing China.
Beijing Travel News
from Beijing local travel agency.
China CCTV
the largest TV Station in China based in Beijing
China Radio International
the largest China radio international based in Beijing.
Xinhua News Agency
the largest news agency in China based in Beijing.
Beijing, China News - Topix
al news for Beijing, China continually updated from thousands of sources on the web.
Beijing Daily News
in Chinese, the largest Beijing news gtoup.

Beijing Education & Training
Bridge For Education and International Travel
The programs provide opportunities for foreign people coming to China to travel, work and homestay. Immersing in China would help you know what is real Chinese culture and also it's a window to know Asia.
Study in China Gateway
Chiwest helps students apply to English and Chinese language university programs throughout China.
Learn Chinese Characters
The Chinese Character, an Interpretable Chinese Culture.
Internship in Beijing
Gain professional experience, learn Chinese.
Beijing Foreign Studies University
one of the most reputable universities in China.
Welcome to Beijing Language and Culture University
BLCU is an accredited Chinese university that specializes in teaching Mandarin Chinese language and culture to foreign students.
China Unversity of Geosciences,Beijing
Peking University [China]
Beida Information on the institutions, administration, jobs and library services, as well as university announcements.
Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University was established in 1911, originally under the name 鈥淭singhua Xuetang鈥.
Beijing Film Academy
a famous film academy in China.
Beijing Normal University
Beijing Normal University (BNU) has a history of more than 100 years, which is almost as long as the history of Chinese modern education.
Central Conservatory of Music
The Conservatory offers courses to both Chinese nationals and foreign students, and caters for all levels from primary up to postgraduate programmes.
Renmin University of China
a national comprehensive university located in Beijing.
Institute of High Energy Physics, Academia Sinica
The Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) is the biggest and comprehensive fundamental research center in China.
Northern Jiaotong University, Beijing [China]
Her predecessor is Beijing Railway Management Training Institute and Beijing School of Posts and Telecommunications, set up by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Qing Dynasty.
University of Science and Technology of Beijing [China]
USTB is famous for its study of metallurgy and material science.
Microbial Information Network of China
1958. It is a national comprehensive research institution that performs a wide spectrum of basic and applied research in the field of microbiology.
Institute of Softwares, CAS
a leading research institute in China, which focuses on the fundamental theories of computer science as well as software technologies and their applications.
Beijing Institute of Technology
Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) was founded in 1940. BIT is a national key university, an open, international and research-oriented university of ...

Learn Chinese
Useful Chinese Phrases for Travellers
Learning Useful Chinese Phrases for Travellers offered by Beijing Xinhua International Tours.
Learning Chinese online
by Tutorming - improve your ability to interact in Chinese.
Learn Chinese Characters
The Chinese Character, an Interpretable Chinese Culture.
Capital Mandarin School In BEIJING CHINA
We are a private language school provide high-quality small group classes and one-on-one classes.
Internship in Beijing
Gain professional experience, learn Chinese.
Learn Chinese phrases before travelling to Beijing China
from Beijing travel expert.
The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies
The Beijing Center has programs for undergraduate students faculty members, and administrators, plus tailor-made programs for special academic groups.
Learn Chinese in China. Study Chinese or Wushu and Kung Fu
WLE's unique CLI Program combines Chinese language studies with practical work experience in a Beijing company.
Chinese in Beijing
Chinese language courses in Beijing - Learn Chinese in Beijing - Chinese language schools in Beijing, China.
Mandarin Capital-Learn Chinese in Hangzhou,China www.mandarincapital.cn/ - Mandarin Capital was and is the first Chinese language training institute in Hangzhou. Welcome to Mandarin Capital.
Education - latest tips http://www.laonei.com/Tips/?sortid=338 - insider's guide to the education in Beijing by laonei.

Jobs in Beijing
Looking a job in Beijing China? Professional jobs in China.
Working in Beijing China starts here!
Find you ideal job in Beijing China
by cnhotjobs.com.
Jobs in Beijing
jobs, employment opportunities, vacancy positions, part time, volunteers jobs in Beijing.
Find your teaching Jobs in Beijing
Teaching English in Beijing by esljobs.cn.
Beijing Travel Agency Job Offers
We welcome good and capable persons to join us! You will be entitled to both comfortable working environment and good salary package.
Teach in China Work in China
Recruiting foreigners as your home teacher and bring foreign teachers to your school or to your company.

Beijing Business
Office Space in Beijing
Providing comprehensive listings of office space in Beijing as well as arranging viewings, negotiating the agreement and helping you to get the best deal.
Beijing Expat - Expat community, expat housing, expat guide, ...
Our expat community helps to settle easily when moving or living abroad: Connect with expats, find information and tips about life abroad and meet fellow expatriates at InterNations events.
Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau
official site.
Servcorp Business Center and Serviced Offices
Virtual Office and Serviced Office/Servorp Beijing China.
Beijing Business
offered by Beijing This Month.
Beijing Business Travel Service
by a local travel agency.
Language Translation Services at Asian Absolute
providing language translation, marketing and new media services for China and the Asia Pacific markets.
beijing classifieds for jobs, apartments, personals ...
Beijing Expat - Beijing apartments, expat relocation, Beijing ...
AsiaXPAT.com is an online resource for Beijing expats on relocating and living in Beijing, with information on Beijing property and real estate listings, ...
Time Out Beijing
Please check back soon for new events and features.
Invest Beijing
Invest Beijing International, Beijing Economic Information Center.
Beijing Business Directory
provided by a local travel agency.
Business Associations
by thebeijinger.com.
Business service, finance service, accounting service by ganji classifieds.
Beijing Real Estate
The competitive rates for the private served apartments and parivate owner apartments.

Beijing Exhibitions and Trade Shows
Beijing Exhibitions, Trade Shows & Meetings
provided by tour-Beijing Travel Service.
Trade Shows in Beijing,Trade Fairs in Beijing
Find information on Beijing trade shows, trade fairs, trade exhibitions, trade expositions, business trade shows, business trade.
Beijing China Trade Shows and Events
Upcoming trade shows and events in Beijing China.
Trade Shows Worldwide - Beijing (China)
Beijing trade shows, fairs, exhibitions & conferences - List of Trade Shows in Beijing.
Beijing Events - City Weekend Guide
offered by city weekend guide.
Expat Show Beijing
Expat Show Beijing successfully confirms its status as the biggest expat event in Beijing.

Beijing Health & Families
Peking Union Medical Hospital
Founded by Rockefeller Foundation in 1921, the hospital, with its gathering of notable experienced physicians, medical professionals and scientific researchers of various specialties, has maintained its leading position as one of the top-ranked hospitals in China for over 80 years.
Hong Kong International Medical Clinic Beijing
The Clinic is located inside the 5-star hotel Swissotel, which is situated at No. 2 Chaoyangmenwai, Dongcheng District, Beijing.
Beijing Health and Wellness
offered by Beijing This Month
United Family Hospitals
comprehensive, integrated health care services. Includes service information.
Medical Services
a medical service directory by thebeijingger.com.
China Center for Adoption Affairs
receiving and delivering adoption documents and information.
Family with Children from China-Beijing Chapter
a nondenominational organization of families who have adopted children from China.
Bookstores in Beijing
a bookstore directory by thebeijinger.com.
Beijing International SOS Clinic and Alarm Centre (AEA)
Beijing China Adoption
The In-China Office Staff in front of the Children's Hope office in Beijing is committed to making your China adoption experience positive and joyful.
Beijing: Expat Children in Beijing
As China opens up, more and more foreign opportunity-seekers move in and settle down in the country.
Top 10 Activities for Kids in Beijing
Beijing has plenty to offer your kids in the way of large open spaces within the monuments you'll visit.
Beijing Kid Tour
provided by a local tour operator.
Hospitals in Beijing
from china.org.cn
List of hospitals in Beijing
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing Hospitals
For any unseen medical emergencies while traveling in Beijing, the city has a good number of hospitals that offer the best of facilities and well-qualified doctors.
an official site in Chinese.
China Ticket Online sport ticket, entertainment
Established brand name with top growth rate on Chinese live events ticketing market.
Yong Le Ticketing
one of the leading promoters of performing events, sports competition and arts exhibits in China.
Directory listings for Education
by thebeijinger.com.
Directory listings for Children
by thebeijinger.com.
Chinese lessons for you by ganji classifieds.
Beijing Family Tours
provided by a Beijing based travel agency.
Parents & Kinds
offered by Beijing Weekend Guide.
House Rental and Buying
insider's guide to the health by laonei.com
Bridge of Love Adoption Service
This government-run agency operates travel to the adoption site as well consulting service.
China Center of Adoption Affairs
The government agency responsible for the adoptions, working with agencies rather than individual applicants.
Families with chlidren from China - Beijing Chapter
A network of support for families who've adopted in China and to provide information to prospective parents.
OCDF Adoption
Nonprofit organization committed to supporting families who have adopted children from China.
Century Sunshine Domestic Services
Provide many Ayi service, but English speaking not available.

Schools and Education
International School of Beijing
Located on a 33-acre campus and offering the International Baccalaureate diploma program. Pre-kindergarten to high school. Offers overview, news, events.
Beijing BISS International School
Located near An Zhen Qiao. Includes information on admissions, curriculum and facilities.
Dulwich College International School of Beijing
Dulwich College International School of Beijing is Beijing's leading International School providing a first class British education to children from 12 ...
Beijing City International School
an independent co-educational day school offering an international curriculum for Nursery to Grade 12 students.
British School of Beijing
A British school, set in the exclusive embassy district of Beijing, offering the English National Curriculum to pupils aged 2 to 11.
Australian International School of Beijing (AISB)
AISB is the only Australian International school in China, which is located in Chaoyang District in Beijing.
Beijing Huijia Kindergarten
Huijia Kindergarten presently has 16 different campuses across Beijing.
Beijing No.55 Middle School and High School
A famous public school accepting foreign stusents.
Beijing World Youth Academy (WYA)
An international university preparatory school in Beijing, approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission to enroll local and overseas students aged 10 to 19.
Canadian International School of Beijing
CISB offers a world-class facility with an internationally recognized Canadian Education Curriculum.
Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking
The German Embassy School offers lessons in German and uses a curriculum and text books from German.
Etonkids International Kindergarten
At Etonkids International Kindergarten your child experiences the joy of learning through ongoing intellectual discoveries in unique hands-on environments.
Harrow International School
We possess all the benefits of being a young school supported by the strength of tradition.
The International Montessori School of Beijing
MSB has been serving Beijing's expatriate children and their families for nearly 19 years.
Western Academy of Beijing
WAB has a distinctive, creative "can do" approach in all that it does and a commitment to excellence.
Yew Chung International School
Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS-Beijing) has been in operation since the beginning of the 1995-96 academic year.

Government Agencies in Beijing
Beijing International
Beijing's official website portal, provide foreigners with comprehensive information regarding work, study, investment, and government.
Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau
official site . Beijing Employee Service Center.
Beijing Customs
official site. News, rules and regulations.
Information Office of Beijing Municipal Government
official site. News and life guide
Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs
official site. News and regulations.
FESCO ( Beijing Foreign Enterprise Service Group )
News and enterprises.
Beijing Industry & Commerce Administrtion
official site.
The State Administration of Foreign Exchange Center
News and regulations.
Ministry of Justice
official site.
Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau
Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, a component of Beijing government, is responsible for the public security in Beijing, bearing the following duties...
Beijing MunicipalAdmistration of Cultural Heritage
Cultural Heritage Units under Municipal Protection, Beijing.
Beijing Local Taxation Bureau
Provisional The Notice of State Administration of Taxation on Improvement of Taxation Administration of Foreign Individuals.
Beijing Municipal Education Commission
This website aims to provide foreigners with comprehensive and timely information with regards to their teaching and study in Beijing.
Governments on the WWW: China
National Institutions of China.
Women of China
The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), safeguard women's rights and interests.

Beijing International Organizations
Beijing This Month- International Organizations in Beijing
Publication sponsored by Information Office of the Beijing Municipal Government.
Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China
The Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China strengthens the business, government and community ties between the Benelux countries and China.
China-Australia Chamber of Commerce
The China-Australia Chamber of Commerce (AustCham Beijing) overriding goal is to advance Australian Business in China.
China Britain Business Council
the UK's leading organisation helping British companies do business in China.
China-Italy Chamber of Commerce
a private, voluntary, not-for-profit organization registered in 1991 and composed of Italian juridical and physical persons.
European Union Chamber of Commerce
As the independent voice of European business in China, we seek greater market access and improved operating conditions for European companies.
German Industry and Commerce Beijing
German Commerce in Beijing.
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China
enhance its members' business interests in China and that can not easily be undertaken by the members themselves.
Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce
SwissCham Beijing is the Beijing Regional Organization or branch of SwissCham China.
US-China Business Council
a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of roughly 250 American companies that do business with China.
Directroy listings for Cultural and National Groups
by thebeijinger.com
Austcham Beijing
The China-Australia Chamber of Commerce (AustCham Beijing) overriding goal is to Advance Australian Business in China
Beijing Pacific Club
5-1-3-1 Tayuan Diplomatic Compound, 1 Xin Dong Rd, Chaoyang District. Tel:65326622
Canada China Business Council
18-2, CITIC Bldg 19, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Changyao District. Tel: 85261820
China Britain Business Council Beijing
The UK's leading organisation helping British companies do business in China
Danish Chamber of Commerce in China
The Danish Chambers of Commerce consist of three individual chambers, each accountable for their own branch
French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China
Building B, 61F, Novotel Xinqiao Beijing. Tel: 65121740

Beijing Foreign Embassies
Beijing Foreign Embassies
Information provided by Beijing travel agency on the Embassies of foreign countries.
Foreign Embassies in Beijing
provided by China.org.cn
Foreign Embassies in China
a complete list offered by Mychinastart.com
Foreign Embassy in China, Foreign Embassy in Beijing,USA Embassy
from china-embassy.info
Foreign Embassies in Beijing
Beijing is the city where foreign embassies are mainly concentrated in.
U. S. Embassy Beijing Office
Embassy of Belgium Beijing
Official site of the Embassy of Belgium in Beijing, China.
Embassy of India, Beijing
official site.
Australian Embassy Beijing Website
official site.
Beijing Official Website International
Forieign Embassies in Beijing.
Directory listings for Embassies
by thebeijinger.com
Foreign Emabssies in China
by thebeijinger.com

Beijing Law Offices, Law and Regulations
Beijing Arbitration Commission
All disputes arising from or in connection with this contract shall be submitted to Beijing Arbitration Commission for arbitration in accordance with its ...
Law Firms in Beijing
Find comprehensive information about law offices in Beijing.
Beijing Lawyer Law Firm
Find a Lawyer/ Law Firm/ Advocate/ Attorney/ Solicitor in Beijing.
King & Wood
a leading law firm in China, providing comprehensive legal solutions to multinational and Chinese clients.
a top-3 China law firm with more than 210 lawyers located in 8 cities China-wide.
Beijing attorney/lawyer services classifieds.
Lehman, Lee & Xu
One of the largest and most prominent law firms in China.
Tianyuan Law Firm
Legal supports to clients in numerous domestic and international M&A projects.

Beijing Publications
Beijing This Month
Business Beijing, Beijing Official Guide, Map of Beijing, Beijing - The Magnificent City, Beijing Investment Guide, Beijing Fact File.
Beijing Review
in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and of course, Chinese - a political weekly, founded in 1958 at the suggestion of the late Premier Zhou Enlai.
That's Beijing
part of an English-language publication, 'that's magazines', with featured stories, entertainment and classifieds included jobs, real estates, sales and services, all related to living in Beijing.
City Weekend Beijing
offered by city weekend guide.
a place where expats living in Beijing can look to for up-to-date information on all things family-related.
China Today
China Today is a multilingual comprehensive monthly magazine in China that reports on the nation to the world.
China Pictorial
A large-format monthly magazine dedicated to faithfully and vividly portraying the true face of China.

Classifieds in Beijing
craigslist: beijing classifieds
craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, personals, services, local community, and events.
Beijing Classifieds
Beijing magazine, guide & interactive map for local restaurants, bars, travel listings, free classifieds and events.
the Beijinger Beijing classifieds,
Beijing's premier English language site for free classifieds , event and directory listings and the latest news.
beijing classifieds for expats and internationals
beijing classifieds: apartments, jobs, personals, buy & sell classifieds. for expats and internationals living in beijing.
Beijing This Month- Classifieds
by Beijing This Month
Free Classifieds Beijing
your free classifieds site for Beijing.
Beijing Classifieds and Directory
Galaxy Directory and Classifieds.
Beijing Directory at Yahoo
Free classifieds by Yahoo.com.
Google Directory
Classifieds Beijing by google.com

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