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Today there are shops and stores scattered in every corner of Beijing. Beijing has over 10 famous shopping streets and markets including the Wangfujing, Dashilan and New Qianmen Street, Hongqiao Market, Silk Market, Panjiayuan Market, Beijing Curio City, Liulichang Antiques Street, Baoguosi Cultural Market, Yashow Clothing Market, Maliandao Tea Street, Xidan Shopping Area. They provide various kinds of goods that tourists in Beijing prefer to buy - ink sticks, writing brushes, paper and ink slabs, paintings, cloisonne, jade ware, bronzes and stone tablets with inscriptions, calligraphic works and handicrafts including dough figurines and more unique handicrafts and cultural relics full of Beijing flavor. For market and street shopping lovers, you have to be an active bargain shopper and the motto is buyer beware. For those shoppers reluctant to bargain, big shopping malls and departments are nice choices. Read some shopping excursion reviews and shopping tips before you are brave enough to deal with the smart vendors in Beijing!

General Information
Beijing Shopping
Beijing shopping information offered by Beijing China tour operator..
Beijing Street Map
Mapping your Travel Before your Shopping in Beijing.
Beijing Shopping
from virtualtourist.com. Reviews and photos of Beijing markets, shopping malls, boutiques, shopping places and more ...
Shopping in Beijing
collect all the major markets and shopping places of Beijing.
Ten recommended Beijing shopping streets
Beijing is a ideal place for shopping.
Beijing Shops Frommers.com
Western-style shopping malls are flexing their muscles in Beijing, replacing the traditional storefronts, Chinese department stores, and alley markets.
Beijing Shopping Map
This map shows Beijing inner city shopping districts.
Insider's Guide To Beijing Shopping Forbes.com
Take a walk around the city's top tourist-free shops...
All shopping listings
by thebeijinger.com.

Beijing Wangfujing Street
Wangfujing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
one of the Chinese capital's most famous shopping streets.
Wangfujing Street
by VirtualTourist.com. Shopping tips, reviews and photos for Wangfujing Street Beijing.
Walk around on the famous street Wangfujing
Wangfujing Street Walkabout Video (8 minutes).

Beijing Dashilan & New Qianmen Street
Beijing's Dashilan reopens with new old looks
Once the business center of Beijing, the Dashilan area has gathered some of China's oldest brands, such as Tongrentang (TCM), Neiliansheng (shoes), and Ruifuxiang (silk and fabrics.
Qianmen: Another Middle Kingdom of Kitsch
Qianmen (front gate) technically refers to the gate directly south of Tian'anmen.

Beijing Silk Market
Silk Street - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Silk Street (aka Xiushui Market) attracts approximately 20000 visitors daily.
Silk Market - Beijing Shopping
by VirtualTourist.com. Silk Market tips, reviews and photos.
Silk Market magnet for VIPs
Former US president George Bush gives the thumbs during a shopping trip to the Silk Market in Beijing on August 11, 2008.
Silk Market
official site.

Beijing Hongqiao Market
Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market)
Shopping tips, reviews and photos for Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market) Beijing.
Pearl Market (Hongqiao Market)
Pearl Market (Hongqiao Market): Visit TripAdvisor.

Beijing Panjiayuan Market
Panjiayuan Market Blog
Panjiayuan Flee Market, or Panjiayuan Market, or Panjiayuan Antique Market, or whatever names you use, is a must for those who like something really Chinese.
Panjiayuan Antiques Market
by China.org.cn. Dealing mainly in antiques and arts and crafts.
Panjiayuan Market
Shopping tips, reviews and photos for Panjiayuan Market Beijing.
Panjiayuan Market (Dirt Market)
Visit TripAdvisor, your source for the web's best unbiased reviews and articles about Panjiayuan Market.
Beijing's Panjiayuan, the original flea market
Shopping at Beijing's Panjiayuan Weekend Market - Chinese arts, crafts, souveniers and culture all in the heart of Beijing, China.

Beijing Curio City
Beijing Curio City
by lonely planet travel guide.
Beijing Curio City
Read the Fodor's review of Beijing Curio City, or post your own.

Baoguosi Cultural Market in Beijing
Baoguosi Culture Market
a paradise of free vendors.
Baoguo Temple Culture Market
Known as "little Panjiayuan," this market specializes in old-style Chinese comics, picture books and calligraphies.
Inside Beijing - Baoguosi
picture and article about Baoguosi.

Beijing Cloisonne
Cloisonn茅 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
an ancient metalworking technique, is a multi-step enamel process used to produce jewelry, vases, and other decorative items.
Cloisonne Chinese Arts
Beijing is the cradle of cloisonne technique.
Cloisonne - Beijing Shopping
by VirtualTourist.com.
Cloisonn茅 History In China Beijing Factory
Cloisonn茅 fired enamelware and filigree history and tour of the Cloisonn茅 factory in Beijing.

Liulichang Antiques Street in Beijing
Liulichang -- Antiques Street
Liulichang is known throughout China and the world for its ancient books, calligraphy, paintings, rubbings, ink stones and ink.
Liulichang Antiques Street
by VirtualTourist.com. Liulichang Antiques Street tips, reviews and photos posted by real travelers and Beijing locals.
Liulichang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Liulichang -- Antiques Street.
Liulichang Antiques Street
The street, which is only 750 meters long, is located south of Hepingmen (Peace) Gate within walking distance of the Hepingmen Quanjude Peking Duck Restaurant.
Walking Tour Beijing of Liulichang
You see Liulichang antique street - the oldest street in Beijing.

Shichahai ( Houhai Lake ) Bar Street
The place is well known a night spot as eastern Beijing's Sanlitun bar street in the embassy district.
Shichahai, a lake in downtown Beijing
Shichahai is a majestic lake situated in downtown Beijing.
Shichahai, an Oasis in the City
it is a true oasis amidst the sea of activity taking place in the surrounding metropolis.
Yan Dai Xie Jie by Night
Yan Dai Xie Jie literally means "Slanted Tobacco Pipe Street ". The street itself resembles a huge pipe totally 232 meters long.

Nanluoguxiang in Beijing
Nanluoguxiang, Nan Luo Gu Lane, a Hidden Traditional Lane
a personal blog with pictures.
Nanluoguxiang a hidden treasure in downtown Beijing
by Chinadaily.com.cn.

Sanlitun Bar Street in Beijing
Sanlitun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
the earliest bar area in Beijing.
Sanlitun Bar Street
reviews, photos and insider tips posted by real travelers and Beijing locals.
Sanlitun Bar Street
Visit TripAdvisor, your source for the web's best unbiased reviews and articles about Sanlitun Bar Street in Beijing.
Sanlitun Bar Street
Read the story and see photos of a visit to Beijing, China by TravelPod member shanewilson.
Top Bars In Sanlitun
The Sanlitun Bar Street in Sanlitun entertainment area houses famous bars and top bars.

Yashou ( Yashow ) Clothing Market
Sanlitun Yashou Clothing Market
Lonely Planet travel information, advice, reviews.
Beijing Yashow Market - Beijing Shopping
Beijing Yashow Market Guide offered by Beijing based China tour operator.

Maliandao Tea Street in Beijing
The Maliandao Tea Street
Located in southwestern Xuanwu District, Maliandao Tea Street is conveniently located near the Beijing West Railway Station.
video Beijing Tea Shop on Maliandao Street
Beijing Tea Shop on Maliandao Street in Beijing.
A Visit to Beijing's Tea Street
At the half-way point of the street, on its western side, sits Beijing Maliandao Cha Ye Cheng, a tea city in one building.
Malian Dao Store Shop Review
This might not be all the tea in China, but with over a mile of shops ...

Beijing Xidan Area
Xi Dan is a very large shopping area and often frequented by real Beijing residents.
Xidan - Beijing Shopping
Shopping tips, reviews and photos for Xidan Beijing.
Xidan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
a famous traditional commercial area in Beijing.

Beijing Department Stores and Malls
Lufthansa Center
Shopping tips, reviews and photos for Lufthansa Center Beijing.
Sun Dong An Plaza
This huge mall surrounds twin atriums and is filled with designer clothing shops.
Shin Kong Place
If you're a high-roller, please by all means go to Shin Kong and go nuts.
Friendship Store
Shopping tips, reviews and photos for Friendship Store Beijing.
Beijing Shopping: GuiYou shopping-mall
No.7, JianGuoMenWai street, ChaoYang District.
Beijing Department Store
Read the Fodor's review of Beijing Department Store.
Top 10 English bookstores in Beijing
Beijing is chock full of good bookstores and accessible libraries.
Flower markets in Beijing
remember to bargain. The by-word of Beijing shopping is haggle! haggle!

Shopping for Kids
The Bookworm
The Bookworm is China's premier English language lending library, bookshop, restaurant and events space.
French Cultural Center Bookstore
French Cultural Center Bookstore has a wide selection of children's books imported from France.
Poolar Kids Republic Store
One of the largest bookstores for children offering over 3000 illustrated storybooks.
Besides selling women stuff, it also offers a nice selections of children clothing.
BabyGro Beijing
Mum's Choice for Baby and Children's Products in Beijing, China.
Manufacturers bedroom furnishings which can be modified as the child grows.
Improving the rights and life opportunities for the many children.
A children oriented store sells all the essentials like breast pumps, breast pads, diapers, spoons...

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