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Beijing is a hub of communications with roads, highways, railroads and flights connecting all parts of China as well with the major cities around the worl. It is also the popular destination of many international flights to China. There are six ring roads circling the city of Beijing. Beijing is easily accessible with nine expressways, eleven China National Highways and several railway routes starting from Beijing. The Beijing subway is a rail network most convenient and affordable transportation. Travelling around the Beijing by bus is also the most common one of all public transportations. Beijing is also a kingdom of bikes, the primary mode of transportation used in Beijing.

General Information
Beijing Transportation
more Beijing transportation information offered by a local travel agency.
Transportation in Beijing
by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing Capital International Airport
an official website of Beijing Capital International Airport.
Beijing Capital Interantional Airport
detailed information offered by Beijing Xinhua International Tours.
Beijing Transportation
When in Beijing, there are different options on how to get around.
Terminal No.03 of Beijing Airport
a real experience of using the Terminal No.03 of Beijing Capital International Airport.
Beijing Airport Transfer
personal transfer service provided by Beijing based travel agency.
Learning your Chinese highway codes
by Louisa Lim.
Traffic - Beijing Warnings
Insider tips on Traffic in Beijing by virtualtourist.com.
Beijing Traffic
by travelblog.org.

Flight in China
Flights from London to Beijing
Search and compare cheap flights from London to Beijing.
Flight Information
by Beijing Capital International Airport.
My First Experience at CJET - FBO for Private Jet Flight
from a local Beijinger's travel blog.
My flight for Xian
check-in, on flight and arrival at Xian from a travel blog.
Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport is located in northeast of Beijing.
Beijing Flight
Search Flight Times & Compare Rates - Save Money from tripadvisor.com.
Major International Flights to Beijing
by expedia.
US - Beijing Cheap Flights
by Cheap Flights.com.
Beijing Airport Pickup Service
operated by a local travel service.

China Airlines
Beijing Domestic & International Airlines Information
by a local travel agency.
Beijing Airlines Information
There are several Airlines and Airline Agents operates in Beijing.
Beijing Airport Map
You will find how to get to Beijing Airport, Beijing Airport Guide and lines.
Beijing Airlines Directory
by the Beijinger.com.
China Southern Airlines
official site.
Dragon Air
official site.
China Eastern Airlines
offers online booking and route plan.
Hainan Airline
official site.

China Train
Beijing Train Tickets
Delivery to your hotel
Beijing Xian Train
Beijing Shanghai Train
Beijing Harbin Train
Beijing Lhasa Train
Beijing Lhasa Train
Beijing Lhasa Train Schedule and Ticket Prices
Overnight train Beijing to Xian
The overnight train from Beijing to Xian leaves from the Beijing West train station - TripAdvisor.
Train ride from Beijing to Datong
a local Beijinger'travel blog.
Train trip to Inner Mongolia
a train lover's blog with pictures and personal experience, west train station.
4 major Train Stations in Beijing
brief introduction to the major train stations in Beijing by synotrip.com.
Beijing west railway station
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing South Railway Station
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing east railway station
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing China Train Travel
various train tours offered by Beijing China travel agency.
Beijing Railway Station
an official site of Beijing Railway Station in Chinese.
Beijing Airport Express Train
real experience of taking the train ride with photos...
Beijing鈥揟ianjin Intercity Rail
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing Chengde Train Trip
Beijing Train Station, Schedule, activities in Chengde with lots of pictures.
Train travel to Shandong from Beijing
High speed train, train schedule, attractions in Shandong, pictures and much more...
Beijing Pingyao by train
Beijing Train Station, train carbin, schedule, travel experience in pingyao and Taiyuan.
Beijing Luoyang and Zhengzhou Train Trip
Beijing West Train Station, Schedule and activities
Train Timetable in Chinese
provided by huoche.com.cn in Chinese.

Beijing Public Bus
Beijing Public Bus
Take a public bus to the Great Wall of China, the cheapest way of transportation from downtown Beijing to the Great Wall.
Beijing Public Transportation Group
an official website,a large state-owned enterprise operating mainly the ground passenger transportation.
Public bus - Beijing Transportation
by VirtualTourist.com.
Visit the Great Wall by taking Beijing Public Bus
information offered by Beijing based travel agency.

Beijing Subway & Light Rail
Beijing Subway
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Beijing Subway map
Including Beijing latest Subway map, Beijing subway map 2009, 2010 in English.
Beijing subway map (2008)
in English, includes Line 8.
Beijing Subway Travel
subway information and subway tours operated by local travel agency.

Beijing Taxi
Beijing Taxi
Taxi quantity in Beijing, current legal car models, taxi charges, taxi meters and driver ID and much more...
Taxis - Beijing Transportation
by VirtualTourist.com, insider tips on Taxis in Beijing.
How to Get a Taxi in Beijing
Beijing is serviced by a huge fleet of taxis with three basic price ranges: 1.20 RMB, 1.60 RMB and 2.00 RMB.
Car Rental with Driver
With a car rental in Beijing, explore Beijing at your own pace!

Beijing Bike
Beijing Bike Tour
Want to have a bike tour in Beijing.
Riding Scooter in Beijing
Cars are jammed, bicycles are slow, scooters are best.
Beijing Bicycle
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Beijing Rickshaw
Rickshaw - Beijing Transportation
Insider tips on Rickshaw in Beijing by VirtualTourist.com.
Beijing Rickshaw Tour
Want to get a rickshaw tour around the hutongs in Beijing?
Beijing Hurong - China photo gallery
Seeing narrow lanes of Beijing Hutong by rickshaw.
Great rickshaw ride
Great rickshaw ride and hutong visit by tripadvisor.com.
Beijing Pedicab Photos
by Daniel Spehr.

Beijing Boat
Shichahai, a lake in downtown Beijing
In summer, visitors prefer to go boating on the lake and songs and music can be faintly ...
Cruise at the Summer palace
by travelblog.org.
Beijing Boat Tour
Shichahai Lake, Changhe River, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and boating tours.

Walking in Beijing
Personalized Guided Walking Tour Beijing
Personalized guided walking tour of Beijing with itineraries.
Walking - Beijing Transportation - VirtualTourist.com
Insider tips on Walking in Beijing.
How to Take A Walking Tour in Beijing
huge sidewalks in central Beijing and walking is still a major mode of transportation.

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