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Beijing cuisine has salty, rich flavors. Pork and mutton have been represented in Beijing cuisine since the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty especially as a result of the dietetic influence of the Mongol and Manchus. Beijing cuisine has been also much influenced by culinary traditions from all over China, especially from Shandong cuisine, one of the eight cuisines in China. Now Beijing food does not stress strangeness or uniqueness, only delicious food made from common ingredients with tastes that are very agreeable. Beijing Duck is the number one yummy food in Beijing. Of course, Beijing offers more than its local Beijing cuisine. You can find almost all the cuisines here coming from other parts of China or foreign countries - French food, American food, Japanese food, British food, German food, Indian food, Muslim food and much more. Read some descriptions and reviews of local restaurants around Beijing before you start to look for the yummy food you like.

General Informatiom
Beijing Dining
Beijing has foods from all over China.
Beijing cuisine
As the Chinese capital city for centuries, its cuisine has been influenced by culinary traditions from all over China.
Beijing China Food Guide
What can you expect to eat in a real Chinese restaurant in Beijing.
Beijing restaurant tips
Brief intro, addresses, descriptions, and reviews of local restaurants around Beijing. VirtualTourist.com.
Beijing Restaurants, Eating Out in Beijing
Eating out in Beijing with suggestions, feedback, tips.
Beijing Restaurants Frommers.com
Frommer's Highly Recommended restaurants in Beijing.
Beijing Food iExplore.com
Beijing鈥檚 restaurant scene is evolving fast - Find comprehensive information on Beijing restaurants in Beijing.
Read Beijing Restaurant Reviews
by traveler reviews, recommendations, and candid photos for 204 Beijing restaurants at TripAdvisor.
Beijing Recommended Restaurants
Eating out in China is also regarded as a kind of entertainment for social communication.
Directory Listings for Restaurants
a complete list by thebeijinger.com.
Selected Beijing foreigner freindly restaurants
Looking for restaurants in Beijing? Want to have Beijing restaurant guide? Visit us now at Local Noodles.

Beijing Duck Restaurants
Beijing Duck
the earliest roast duck restaurant in Beijing was the old Bianyifang Restaurant, which opened during the Jiajing reign (1522-1566).
Peking Duck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Peking Duck, or Peking Roast Duck is a famous duck dish from Beijing.
Beijing Duck Restaurants
Beijing duck is the local flavor of Beijing.
Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant
offiial site in Chinese.
Ya Wang Roast Duck Restaurant ( Duck King )
official site. Ya Wang ( King Duck ) roast duck restaurant is not satisfied with traditional Beijing roasted duck and goes one step further.
The King Roast Duck Restaurant
The duck slices are not greasy, not fatty, melting into our mouths.
Jiuhuashan Roast Duck Restaurant
The ducks here, comparatively low on fat and crispy outside, are reasonable.
Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant
Read the Fodor's review of Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant.

Beijing Imperial Cuisine
Chinese Imperial cuisine
Chinese imperial cuisine is derived from a variety of cooking styles of the regions in China.
Beihai Fangshan Restaurant
Offering Imperial Cuisine, the Fangshan Restaurant inside Beihai Park was an unique experience.
Ting Liguan Imperial Cuisine
The restaurant has a team of technical officers and skilled chefs that numbers almost a hundred.
Baijia Dazhaimen Review
Read the Fodor's review of Baijia Dazhaimen.
Chinese aristocrat cuisine
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Li Family Restaurant
The restaurant's imperial dishes are cooked and served by the Li family in a cozy, informal atmosphere.

Beijing Cuisine Restaurants

Time-honored restaurants in Beijing
Beijing with a long history has many time-honored restaurants.
Hai Wan Ju Review
Haiwan means "a bowl as deep as the sea," fitting for this eatery that specializes in large bowls of hand-pulled noodles.
Kaorou Ji (BBQ Season)
Come here for lunch because the restaurant sits right on the water of Shishahai area.
Beijing Unique Restaurants
a list of Beijing Time-honored Restaurants.
Hua Jia Yi Yuan
Huajia Yiyuan is a restaurant with the feel of an old courtyard and the taste of Beijing's new "Hua Family Cuisine.
Tianjin Bai Jiao Yuan
They make the dumplings fresh, as you order, and they have more filling combinations than you can imagine.
Whampoa Club
Whampoa Club offers a refreshing respite from Beijing's rather characterless financial district.
Yuebin Restaurant
The very first privately owned restaurant in Beijing to open after the Cultural Revolution.

Beijing Snacks
Beijing Snacks
Beijing has a time-honored history of producing various kinds of snacks.
Huguosi Snacks Restaurant
Huguosi Xiaochi. "Xiaochi" literally means "small eats" - snacks. There are many "small eats" in the famous traditional Beijing snacks.
Dong Hua Men Night Market
Read reviews and get information for Dong Hua Men Night Market and other Beijing restaurants at IgoUgo.
Snack Food Streets in Beijing
a list of major food streets in Beijing.
Beijing Night Food Market
Night Market in Beijing: Sea Horses, Grass Hoppers, Mostly Sea Food, Snakes...

Beijing Regional Cuisine
Eight Cuisines
Chinese food can be roughly divided into eight regional cuisines.
Chinese cuisine
eight main regional cuisines.
Huajia Yiyuan
this popular courtyard restaurant claims to have created a new Chinese supercuisine.
Drum and Gong Fusion Restaurant
A perfect blend of Asian and Sichuan cuisine can be savored at Drum and Gong Fusion Restaurant.
Afunti Restaurant Beijing
At the Afunti Restaurant, Beijing, you can look forward to a delectable array of cuisine perfectly coupled with vivacious music and dance.
Xinjiang Red Rose
Xinjiang folk dancer at Red Rose Restaurant.
South Silk Road
Serving the specialties of southwest China's Yunnan province in a minimalist setting.
Kong Yiji Jiudian
this popular restaurant was named for the alcoholic scholar-bum protagonist of a short story by Lu Xun, the father of modern Chinese literature.

Beijing Vegetarian
Where to Eat Vegetarian Food in Beijing?
the best vegetarian restaurants by chinaculture.org.
Beijing Vegetarian Restaurants
directory of natural health food stores and guide to a healthy dining.
Pure Lotus
quality of menu, decor, presentation and the way the food is prepared.
Tian Chu Miao Xiang
This is a good place to go if you happen to be in the vicinity of Beijing or Tsinghua Universities or the Summer Palace.
Xu Xiang Zhai
Xu Xiang Zhai" is conveniently located next to several of Beiling鈥檚 scenic spots including the Imperlal College and Yonghegong.
Still Thoughts Vegetarian Restaurant
Still Thoughts is a newcomer to the Beijing Buddhist vegetarian scene.
Yi Yang Vegetarian Restaurant
Yi Yang Vegetarian Restaurant was the imperial kitchen for ancient Chinese emperors.
Green Tianshi
the imitation of real meat, not only in appearance but also in taste.

Beijing Hot Pot
Where to Eat Hot Pot in Beijing
pot restaurants are especially popular during the winter season when the city cools down and diners are looking for a nice hot meal.
Beijing Hot Pot Listing
provided by City Weekend Guide.
Dong Lai Shun Huo Guo
Instant-boiled Mutton hot pot.
Ding Ding Xiang
this Mongolian-style mutton hot pot restaurant is tremendously and justifiably popular for its signature dipping sauce.

Cafes & Teahouse in Beijing
Teahouses- Beijing
Insider tips on Teahouses in Beijing.
Laoshe Teahouse
in Chinese,a unique place in Beijing showing the entertainments.
Tianqiao Happy Tea House (Tianqiao Le Chaguan)
The Tianqiao puts on essentially the same show as Lao She's Teahouse.
Beijing teahouses and drama theater
A glimpse at traditional Chinese culture. Beijing teahouses and drama theaters.
Beijing Best Tea Houses
provided by chinaculture.org.
Cafe Zarah
A popular gem on picturesque Gulou Dajie.

Foreign Food Restaurants in Beijing
Oh! Marco French Caf脙漏 & Restaurant
a French Caf脙漏 & Restaurant specialized in wine.
1001 Nights
one of the best places in Beijing for Middle Eastern Cuisine.
Steaks from Manhattan
Beijing's first authentic American steakhouse.
Dini's Kosher Restaurant Beijing, China
Dini's Kosher Restaurant is the first and only kosher restaurant in beijing under the certification of Rabbi Shimon Freundlich of Chabad Beijing...
Justine's Beijing
Justine's Restaurant is one of the finest French restaurants in Beijing.
Sports City Cafe
Sports City Cafe is the only restaurant in Beijing with an international standard basketball half court on site.
Han Na Shan
Han Na Shan鈥 is a Korean barbecue restaurant in Beijing.
Sorabol, B臎ij墨ng
Sorabol. Lonely Planet travel information, advice, reviews.
Beijing American Restaurants
a useful list of American restaurants in Beijing.
French Restaurants in Beijing
For those who love to eat French cuisines, Beijing has an extensive range of French restaurants.
Italian Restaurants in Beijing
The city has a great number of Italian restaurants.
Japanese Restaurants in Beijing
Specializing in offering you lip smacking Japanese delicacies.
Paulaner Brauhaus, Beijing
Paulaner Brauhaus, Beijing.
Very Siam
With its peaceful ambiance and exceptional dishes, Very Siam has built up an enthusiastic clientele.
Hatsune Beijing
Japanese delicacies like the fresh sashimi, tempura, grilled fish and sushi rolls are a must try outs at Hatsune Japanese Restaurant.
McDonald's, Beijing - Restaurants
Beijing, China restaurant reviews for McDonald's posted by real travelers and Beijing locals.
Beijing Foreign Restaurants
a list of foreign resturants in Beijing.
Taj Pavilion
the best Indian food restaurant in Beijing.
Green T. House
dining should be part of a lifestyle experience.
typical Brazilian dishes like feijoada and drinks like cachaca.
Aria delivers stylish, modern European cuisine courtesy of Chef de Cuisine Bernhard Lermann.
Raj Indian Restaurant and Bar
Indian Style food at reasonable prices in an interesting courtyard.
Dini's Kosher Restaurant
Jewish dishes. In everything it serves, it is true to the laws of Kashrut and everything is kosher.
The Kro's Nest
The Kro's Nest is the real shit in China for a reason-we're not business guys, we just care about making great pizza.
Beijing's only purveyor of Persian cuisine in a stylish minimalist setting.
Grandma's Kitchen
A taste of good old American comfort food with favorites such as strawberry milkshakes, chicken noodle soup, BLT sandwiches, and apple pies...

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